This is a personal site where I put information in case you'll find it helpful.

(new) I created a simple, tracker-free page that answers the question "What are my IP address and User Agent string?".

I wrote a shell script that shows a Quick System Information summary.

I created a new project called Quick Wiki CMS. It's a PmWiki-powered Content Management System you can use to create a website quickly and easily. It's a CMS that's designed to be easy to use, maintain, and customize.

An alternate version of the Redirect Up One Level PHP script is now available.

The information about apt versus apt-get and upgrade versus dist-upgrade from the Ubuntu Update Script page now has its own page.

You can "rip" audio tracks from video files using free software. Either extract a track with FFmpeg using some command-line commands or convert a track with Audacity graphical audio-editing software. Optimize your ripped audio tracks by choosing the right tool for the job.

(featured) "Exposure To The Right" (ETTR) is a technique you can use to achieve better image quality from your digital camera. If you're serious about digital photography, you should understand ETTR.

I searched around and found two Sony RX100 II Belt Cases that work pretty well.

(stable) My Ubuntu Update Script updates your Ubuntu system's packages and reports whether or not a reboot is required. Use it to update with a single command.

I've pored over heaps of arcane information and finally arrived at a highly-optimized HomeLab Server build. It's a quiet and efficient machine with sixteen CPU threads and up to 72 gigs of ECC RAM that'll serve your files and accommodate your VMs with aplomb.

Mozilla Firefox
Mozilla Firefox
An elegant Linux desktop
Linux Mint 17.2 "Rafaela"

The Firefox Configuration Guide page has been completely reworked. It's time to refresh your Firefox.

I've created a guide to help you set up a Linux Mint machine, with steps you can follow to create an elegant, low-maintenance daily-driver desktop.

Leaving indoor temperature constant to save energy is an energy-conservation misconception.

Two new free ringtones are now available. All ringtones are now available in .mp3 and .ogg format for easy installation on phones that require ogg-vorbis ringtone files.

I wrote a guide to help you set up a router running Tomato firmware and updated the E3000 Router page.

Someone told me the LG Optimus F6 MS500 is a great inexpensive phone so I bought and experimented with it.

I made another free ring tone... actually this one's an alert tone for incoming messages.

You can use a small PHP script to redirect up one level.

I added some notes about setting up Firefox from scratch and some other notes about installing Xubuntu Linux on a vintage-2008 laptop.

Some Google search-results options went away, but you can use some GoogleBookmarks and get them back. The Discussions Search link, in particular, can be a very useful search-refinement no longer works.

I made a free ring tone in case you want your smartphone sound like... a phone.

When you're downloading software, sometimes a quick web search just won't do the trick. I created a big grab-bag page of software links with some brief descriptions. There's some software gold in there.

I put DD-WRT firmware on an E3000 router and posted some notes about that.

I eat some healthy food I call Real Food Stew and made a page about that. I'm convinced that Real Food Stew can make a dramatic difference for nearly anyone. It's concentrated fuel for a modern lifestyle.

Page last modified on October 30, 2018
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